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Yakima Skyhooks

SkyHooks are a slide-in accessory for awnings, campers, tents with a "sail track". Hang whatever you need to keep off the ground using the carabiner. Jackets and wet towels, day packs and dry bags - whatever it is, the SkyHooks have got you covered.

$25.00 AUD

Extra Long Hose

Bring the luxury of a shower to the outdoors by adding the extra long hose to your RoadShower (214cm). The 214 cm extra long hose fits both the 15 L and 26 L RoadShower.

$59.00 AUD


$269.00 AUD $319.00 AUD

Eye Bolts with Zwifloc (4)

The Eye Bolts with Zwifloc (4) is designed to provide versatile tie down points for your Pioneer platform, Reconn-Deck or Vortex cross bars. The kit includes 4 Eye Bolts, each with the patented <strong>Zwifloc</strong> channel nut, which allows quick and easy installation anywhere without moving other accessories. <img src="" alt="" width="250" height="38" />

$79.00 AUD

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