Darche Eclipse Awning

Darche ECLIPSE Awnings

Darche Eclipse vehicle awnings provide instant shelter and now come with super flex pivoting hinges which reduce component stress and failure common with inferior versions. Together with super tough mould treated 12 Oz/yd² proofed poly/cotton ripstop canvas and a massive 2000mm water head, the Eclipse awnings are engineered to perform and last.

  1. The Eclipse 180° Awning can be mounted to either side of your vehicle and is ideal for dual, single and space cabs as well as general canopy and wagon setups. 
  2. The Eclipse 270° Awning is easily set up by one person. Hinged from both ends, it spans along the full length of the vehicle as well as the rear, offering additional undercover area.
  3. The Eclipse Annex is completely enclosed offering additional protection from the elements, it can be used as an eatery or sleeping room. 
  4. The Eclipse Ezy Awning Extension can be used as an extension of your current Eclipse awning or as a convenient wind break, providing protection from the elements and additional shade.

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