Hiplok Bike Locks

Chain Locks

Wearable chain locks that have redefined the world of cycle security, meaning that carrying a bike lock no longer requires a bag or a bracket. Available in a range of security levels and colourways, the chain locks are the most versatile way of locking your bike.

D Locks

Featuring the unique CLIP + RIDE system, you simply clip the lock onto your bag, waistband, belt pocket, or anything else it’ll clip to. No more bracket, no more hassle. Just a well-designed, easy to carry lock in a variety of security ratings with sophisticated locking technology. Sold Secure rated, with optimal sizing to fit your bike and a rack, but limit what a thief could use to attack it.

Cable Locks

The perfect combination of security and weight saving, cable locks are the ideal deterrent for low risk areas. With both wearable design and CLIP + RIDE technology the cable lock range is just what you need for a short stop or as a secondary lock for accessories.

Secure Storage

A significant proportion of thefts are from the home, garage or place of work. The Secure Storage products offer you the ultimate in protection for when your ride isn’t being used. From the award-winning AIRLOK to the super-practical HOMIE, these products are designed to give you peace of mind when you aren’t on two wheels.

Security Ties

Reusable security ties provides ultra-convenient added protection for use on car racks, with accessories and other outdoor equipment. A cutting edge concept in security with a multitude of applications, Z LOK is available in both a keyed and combination locking version in a variety of colours

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