Whispbar WB201 with bike on roof

Whispbar WB201

The sleekest and smartest frame mount bike rack of its kind. The Whispbar WB201 uses Whispbar SmartHold technology to automatically apply precise clamping pressure to fasten your bike. This ensures there is no damage to carbon rigs.

Loading your bike on and off the car is made quick and easy with the Whispbar WB201. There is no need to remove the front wheel of your bike so you'll be on the trail in no time. 

A single lock secures the bike and carrier to the vehicle, ensuring your valuable equipment stays safe with the turn of a key.


  • The product weight is 5.1kg

  • It holds 1 Bike:
    406-457 mm barspread = 15.9 kg (max)
    458-1066 mm barspread = 20 kg (max)

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