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Pump Up Your Bike Rack With These Accessories

Bike racks secure bikes on your way to the adventure you have been looking forward to.  Customize the rack with various accessories that not only add more security and stability but also stamp it as your own— unique, one-of-a-kind, and personal.

The accessories you pick and install will depend on their function and contribute to the overall performance and look of the rack.  At Roof Rack and Towbar World, you can choose from our wide range of products from performance-tested brands like Thule, Shingleback, RhinoRack, and Yakima, among others.

Carbon frame protector. Keep your bikes with carbon frames in good condition with carbon frame protectors. The protector makes your bike look brand new and cushions it from crash damage -- while also ensuring that your frame is safe in the event that you tighten your straps, clamps, or mounts too much. With this accessory, reselling your bike in the future (if that’s something that you want) will be a breeze.

Adapters. There is an adapter for every type of rack, bike, and bike part. This enables the square bar, t-track, around-the-bar, bike-frame, frame, wheel, axle, fork, hitch-wrap swing, and bike bar to fit into an existing set-up.  Compatibility among and in between its parts contributes to the overall performance of the rack to secure the bikes.   

Fatbike wheel straps. Fat bikes or very large bikes need special wheel straps to fit into a rack.  The wheel straps adjust to the size of the tyres, making it secure and safe to transport. 

Carrying bag. Avoid getting dirt and dust on yourself and your car with carrying bags for your tyres. The bag catches all the dirt and easily fits into your car’s trunk.    

Locks. Locks on the receiving tube, straps, and arm provide added security from movement and theft.  The arm’s integrated cables lock down the bike to the mount securely.

Front-wheel holder. The front wheel holder works best for bikes with a front fork that connects to a bike rack. With it, you can carry your wheels on your roof rack, instead of letting them occupy space inside your car. It’s especially helpful after a muddy or dusty ride with your bike. You can separate your front tyre in a different holder to avoid leaving mud and dust on your trunk.  It is made from durable materials to withstand grime. 

Bike protector. Avoid scratching your bikes when they are stacked close together with bike protectors

Transport wheel for bike racks. Transport your bike carriers easily with this wheel and avoid lifting heavy equipment.

Number plate holder and light board. Comply with your region’s regulatory requirements with highly visible number plate holders.  It comes with indicators and brake lights to make it stand out. 

In some cases, a number plate holder can also feature integrated tail lights.

The lightboard is an additional light source aside from the tail lights.  Easy to attach to the racks.

Bike bar adapter. This adapter typically attaches smaller frames -- like those found in ladies’ and kids’ bikes -- or atypical frame shapes to the bike rack. It helps in fitting bikes to any hitch hacks while gently securing it to the seat post and bike stem by creating an artificial frame.

Loading ramp. Avoid lifting heavy bikes or tyres and ramp for easy transport.

Chainstrap pair. This pair of durable stretchy rubber straps secure your bikes to your racks and adjusts according to the size and distance to where it is attached.  

Wheel strap. Hold down wheels in transit with a pair of wheel straps.  It is adjustable to fasten different sizes of tyres securely.

Claw. The claw is designed to carry fork-mounted bikes with hubs of 100mm width and axle diameter of 9-10mm safely. 

Hitch receiver locking pin. The locking pins secure your bike rack to the towbar, which boosts security and helps deter robbers.

Multi-axle adaptor. Different bikes have different axles.  The multi-axle adaptor allows different types of bicycles to attach to carriers. 

Thru-axle insert. With axle-insert, 15mm x 100mm thru-axle bikes and other sizes can be fitted to a multi-axle adaptor to insert into bike carriers.

Thule light board. The lightboard is an additional light source aside from the tail lights.  Easy to attach to the racks.

Rack trolley stand. The trolley stand serves as safe and convenient storage for your bikea.  It could also be used to transport your rack to your vehicle’s roof to avoid lifting heavy loads.  

Floor stand. Display or store your bikes with a floor stand and have more space for your other items. It can accommodate all types of bikes. 

Utility hooks. Carrying light items is a breeze with a pair of utility hooks attached to the cradle of your bike’s cradles.  For space-saving and hands-free storage, utility hooks are a must.  

Roadie insert. Make a seamless shift from concrete and paved road to gravel with a roadie insert on your rack. It easily accommodates the 700cc wheels of your gravel bike to conveniently make the change.  And off you go!    

Extender. Bikers who have their kids as their road trip partners will benefit from the extender.  It is designed for the downhill super slack head-angled cycles or the kids’ 20” wheel bikes. It bolts down the bikes to the bottom of the rack to prevent movement.

Swing arm (right and left). The swing arm allows movement from side to side and away from the rear tyre mounted at the back of your car.  This is where the bikes are loaded.

It is typically made of steel and coated to be scratch-resistant and made for VW Multivan or other vans that have similar lift doors. Many brands manufacture this accessory, including Shingleback, Thule, and Yakima.

Anti-rattle clamps and shim. Secure your bikes, wheels, and pedals from the bumps on the road and sudden brakes with anti-rattle clips and shims. There is just no space for the movement that would scratch the surfaces of both your bike and car.

Pedal strap. Optional accessory to secure your pedals to the rack to restrict movement when transporting.  

All these accessories add security to your bike, whether in loading and unloading, and in transit.  Adventures are more fun when you know your gear is stable, safe and secure.  Plus, easily identifiable because it has your mark on it.  

And that is Roof Rack and Towbar World’s passion— to give you that sense of safety and security with the accessories and equipment that you need on your adventures. 

Our well-trained team is ready to assist you in choosing the right high-quality, durable, and performance-tested products to suit your needs. 

Come to our stores in our Artarmon or Burwood location and be advised on the best accessories that fit your budget, style, and preference. Or give us a call at 02 8999 8878 today.

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