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Yakima KingJoe Pro 2 Bike Rack

The KingJoe Pro makes adding a boot/hatch style rack to your hatchback, minivan or SUV a breeze. The QuickTrigger II hub system makes installation fast and easy while our StableCradles II hold your bikes firmly in place while driving.

$299.00 AUD

Yakima FullBack 2 Bike Rack

A fresher take on the classic strap rack, the FullBack securely holds your bike, is simple to use, stores easily, installs easily, and is easy on the wallet. The construction is rugged, the modern design is as cool as your ride, a locking package deters bike theft, and there's a built-in bottle opener. Cheers.

$449.00 AUD

Your One-Stop Shopping Guide to Getting Boot or Hatch Mount Bike Racks

Cycling away to adventure is not only a privilege -- it is a right. At the Roof Rack and Towbar World, we support every pursuit of happiness that you’d like to embark on through our range of high-quality bike racks for every need. 

Even if you can’t carry your ride on your car roof or tow hitch.

What Is a Boot or Hatch Mount Bike Rack

Also called a trunk mount, a bike rack boot or hatch mount attaches to the trunk, rear, boot, or hatch of your vehicle to function as a rack for one, two, or even three bikes. It typically uses straps to wrap around the lip at the back of your vehicle. In other cases, it comes as a hanging attachment with cradles and other built-in features to boost its functionality, safety, and durability.

It is especially beneficial for certain use cases, such as the following:

● When you don't want to carry your bikes inside your vehicle

● When you need a non-permanent bike rack that you can tuck away for storage when you're not using it

● When you can't use your car roof as a bike rack because you're transporting other equipment on it

● When your vehicle doesn't have a factory-installed tow hitch and it's too expensive to add one

● When you want to load your bike from a convenient height, instead of having to climb up to the roof or          invest in accessories that will make loading your bike/s easier

● When you want a cost-effective way to transport multiple bicycles

Investing in one of the many boot or hatch mounts that we carry in our catalogue is a surefire way to ensure that you can take your ride whenever, wherever. 

Best Features to Look for in a Hatch or Boot Bike Rack 

Not all boot or hatch mount bike racks are built the same. To make sure that you get the most out of your purchase, you’ll want superior features that will provide lasting value over the lifespan of the product. Consider the following.

Durable, Weather-Resistant Composition

One of the most important things that you should get out of your boot or hatch mount bike rack is stable material composition, even through any weather. This mount will carry precious cargo for every cyclist, so it needs to be fashioned out of materials that won't buckle or get damaged even through prolonged use.

At the Roof Rack & Towbar World, we have options made from aluminium, steel, plastic, or stainless steel to assure you of lasting functionality and weather resistance. You can focus on hitting the trail and chasing that adrenaline rush!

Foldable and Extendable Arms

We also recommend getting boot or hatch mount bike racks that come with foldable and extendable arms. These features allow you to:

● Fit multiple bikes to your rack

● Adjust the coverage of the rack according to the size of your vehicle; and

● Fold the rack when it's not in use

Easy to use, easy to store, and easy to see why it’s well worth your money.

Rear Light and Number Plate Visibility

A common issue among these mounts is that they reduce visibility around the rear of the car. However, there are options that are specifically built to mitigate this problem. And we can guide you towards the best options that offer rear light and number plate visibility.


As with visibility, some bike racks that are mounted to the boot or the hatch cannot be locked -- which can pose serious security concerns. After all, you wouldn't want to go off for a quick bathroom break only to find your bike missing from your trunk when you've returned.

With our products, you can find not only lockability, but also specific security features to reduce risks of theft. We have boot/mount bike racks that are bike-to-rack and rack-to-vehicle lockable, for your peace of mind.

Paint Protection

You don't need to worry about the bike rack scratching your vehicle's fresh paint job. You can opt for those that come with cushioned padding around the feet or coating on the metal buckles.

And the best part? Our products come with a sleek and modern design that will only add to the aesthetics of your paint job -- and your car.

Choosing Your Boot or Hatch Mount Bike Racks

We believe that the most informed customers are the happiest customers. This is why we will help you navigate your way around your options with access to all the details that you need so that you can make the best decision that fits your requirements, preferences, and budget.

Get Top-Tier Boot/Hatch Mount Bike Racks at Roof Rack & Towbar World

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