Spare Wheel Mount is the Perfect Way to Keep Your Spare Wheel Safe and Secure

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Choosing a Spare Wheel Bike Rack: Everything You Need to Know

When the urge to hit the road calls, you want to make sure you’re ready to respond. If your vehicle cannot accommodate a roof rack or a towbar, a spare wheel bike rack is the next best thing.

What Are Spare Wheel Mounted Bike Racks?

Spare wheel mounted bike racks attach to mounts behind your spare wheel or wrap around it to help you carry your bike on your vehicle. In a typical setup, you’ll usually find an already installed mount for your car’s spare tyre, and all you need to do is attach the spare wheel mounts to it. 

The spare wheel mounts are either made from metal, aluminium, while the straps come in nylon, rubber, or plastic to wrap around the wheel or securely hold your bike to the rack. These straps prevent the tyres from moving while in transit, so they don’t scratch both your car or the tyres themselves.

Advantages of Spare Wheel Mounted Bike Racks

Thinking of getting one for your car? Here are the reasons why spare wheel mounts are a worthy investment.

Security. Anytime you feel like hitting the trail, you’ll have confidence in knowing you can easily lug your bike by securely attaching it to your spare wheel to create an instant bike rack.  

Extra space. The spare wheel mounted bike racks allow two bikes to be loaded, freeing space inside your car or trunk for other baggage or small gear. 

Easy installation and removal. Most of the time, if your bike rack can wrap around the wheel, setup and removal are very easy. There won’t be any need to loosen nuts and bolts of the rear tyre, as it uses the mounts of the tire with its set of screws and straps. Waiting time for the installation is also short and once done, it can immediately be used.

Once installed, it is permanent unless the owner decides to remove or replace it. But as easy as it is installed, it is also easy to detach it -- making it easy for you to decide either way.

Protection. Contact between your bike tyres and your car’s paint job is minimal, so you don’t need to worry about unsightly scratches. Additionally, most spare wheel mounts also provide added security from theft as they can be locked. 

Adjustable. Spare wheel mount arms extend either to the right or left during use or loading the bike, or up and down. Afterwards, you can fold them back for storage. No need to reinstall every time there is a need to use it. 

Customisable. Different types of vehicles and wheels, design, load capacity, and size determine the model of spare wheel mounts. Our team will advise on the best type of spare wheel mount for your car, needs, budget, and preference. 

Durable.  Our range of spare wheel mounts is made of stainless steel or aluminium -- all built to last. Mounts can withstand bumps on the road and even go off-road, as well as resist corrosion from dirt and salt.  

Additionally, these mounts are rust-proof and waterproof and can withstand heavy loads, depending on their carrying capacity.  And the rubber or plastic elastic straps expand to accommodate different frame sizes while securing the bike to the bike rack. 

Affordable. At Roof Rack And Towbar World, we stock options that fit a wide range of budgets. We also stand behind the quality of our products, so the initial cost will be worth it.

Different models to fit all types of vehicles. As a spare wheel mounted bike rack uses the rear tyre, it is compatible with any type of vehicle and would not affect the design of the car or detract from its appearance. Our selection of various models would also ensure the best fit for your requirements.

Lightweight and compact. With their compact size, they also won’t be added weight to your vehicle. 

Get the Best Advice, Service, and Products at Roof Rack and Towbar World

Finding the right spare wheel mount bike racks to best suit your vehicle for maximum performance can spell the difference between enjoying your adventures with your bike and having a terrible experience.

At Roof Rack and Towbar World, outdoor adventures are a passion and providing the gears and accessories for your safety and security is our priority.

Our wide variety of top-quality products comes from trusted brands like Thule, Yakima, and Rhino-Rack that have performed under all weather conditions.  Beginners, amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals have used and tested our products and attest to their performance.

We also offer professional advice on what suits you best according to your needs, style, budget, and compatibility with your bike rack.  Drop by our stores in our Artarmon or Burwood location and score some tips from our staff.  Or ring us up at 02 8999 8878 today.

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