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Leave the drill and all the tools in the garage, the BeddyJo installs into your ute/truck bed in seconds. Now your bikes can get the ride they deserve, with fork-mount style attachments, while the soft foam pads protect your ute/truck's paint job.

$219.00 AUD


Give your Ute's bed a permanent bike mounting solution with this fork style mount. In fact, this mount, with single-sided adjustment skewer for easy loading, can be installed anywhere you can put a couple bolts. Go ahead, get creative.

$79.00 AUD

Locking Blockhead

If you've got a Ute bed or pretty much anywhere you can insert a couple bolts, you've got yourself a place to install this handy fork style bike mount. This one comes with a locking single-sided adjustment skewer so you can secure your bike easily. Includes SKS lock core and two SKS keys.

$99.00 AUD


Don't just throw your bike in the bed of your ute/truck. Mount it. With the BedHead you can fork mount your bike to the inside lip of your ute/truck bed without any drilling. Easy to load, easy on your paint job and hardly takes up any room in your ute/truck bed.

$109.00 AUD

Yakima GateKeeper EVO Medium Shadow Black

The GateKeeper tailgate pad is a perfect companion for pick-up bed bike transport. The durable nylon exterior protects your bike from your pick-up's tailgate while the soft felt backing protects your tailgate from scuffs and scratches. Tailgate access cover tucks away neatly to provide a clear view for reverse cameras and access to locking points.

$269.00 AUD

GateKeeper EVO Medium Cascade Blue

The GateKeeper tailgate pad is a perfect companion for pick-up bed bike transport. The durable nylon exterior protects your bike from your pick-up's tailgate while the soft felt backing protects your tailgate from scuffs and scratches. Tailgate access cover tucks away neatly to provide a clear view for reverse cameras and access to locking points.

$269.00 AUD

Bike Bar

The BikerBar is the no fuss bike carrier that fits most common mid-sized ute or truck bets. No tools needed, no drill holes necessary. Just rock solid dependability and security so you can spend your time riding instead of installing. Suitable for ute tubs up to 168 cm wide at the top (outside edge to outside edge). Suits only A-deck ute tubs (inward facing top lip).

$329.00 AUD

Shop High-Quality Ute or Truck Bed Bike Racks from Roof Rack and Towbar World

Utes are some of the most versatile vehicles in the world -- and every Australian family deserves to optimise them to full use. If you have one that you like to take with you on your biking adventures, we have top-of-the-line ute and truck bed racks for all your needs.

What Is a Ute or Truck Bed Bike Rack

While a ute or truck is designed to carry a wide range of equipment better than a conventional vehicle, that doesn’t mean you can’t equip it for even better performance. With a bike rack that is especially built for your ute tray or truck bed, you can get the following advantages -- and more!

Comprehensive Set of Features for Easy Bike Loading

One of the best things about getting a bike rack specifically for your ute or truck bed is that it comes with a wide variety of features to make loading and unloading your bike a no-brainer. For instance, you’ll find accessories that have single-sided adjustment skewers so you don’t need to break a sweat when loading or unloading your bike.

Our range of nifty fittings, bars, and pads also allows you to create and customise a bike-carrying solution for several types of mounts. Whatever type of ute or truck bed setup you may have, our team can help you design the best possible system for your needs -- with no drilling, in some cases!

Bolt-anywhere, Simple Functionality

Speaking of creating and customising your bike rack, many of these accessories also provide bolt-anywhere functionality. Additionally, they can work with different racking systems.

In some cases, bolting may not even be required! Some of our bike carriers, for example, easily attach to ute/truck beds to allow you to carry up to seven bikes. Also, you can opt for bike pads, which provide extra protection against scratches and dents as they minimise contact between your bikes, the rack, and your vehicle.

Satisfies Various Use Cases

Our products also work for several ute tray/truck bed setups. For instance, if you already have built-in rails or crossbars or both, there's a tonne of products that you can consider to complete your racking system. We carry accessories that work with internal frames, canopy track mounts, rail mount bars, fixed point racks, and more!

Corrosion Resistance and Durability

Our selection of ute or truck bed bike rack components and accessories is also made of corrosion-resistant materials to make sure that you can enjoy them for a long time. 

And if you want to keep your paint job pristine, our products feature soft padding to ensure minimal to no contact and help protect your ute tray or truck bed. You can look forward to excellent performance -- and great aesthetics!

Choosing the Best Roof Rack for Utes or Truck Beds

Now, which bike rack accessories should you choose for your ute or truck bed? Here are some things to consider.

Roof setup. Do you have roof rails and crossbars on your car? Or do you just have roof rails? What is the weight load capacity of your roof? And will it allow you to add to it as you’d like?

These questions and more should factor into your thought process when selecting the most suitable components for your ute/truck bike rack. Your roof setup -- either as it is now, or as you’d like it to be -- must be compatible with your bike-carrying system to ensure optimal performance.

For example, if your ute tray or truck bed already features rails and crossbars, then you’ll only need to attach a rack to the rail or bar, and then carry your bikes on the rack.. Or if your vehicle can only carry a certain load, you will have to work with that limitation to ensure you -- and your bike -- stay safe during transport.

Removable or permanent. How often you go on biking adventures is also another matter. If it’s more of a hobby that you only do on holidays, you might want a solution that you can remove every now and then.

But if you can’t live without getting off the beaten path (or trail!), we have permanent bike rack systems to help you make the most out of every experience.

Protection from bike theft. Finally, get truck bed or ute roof racks for bikes that offer key locking mechanisms to dissuade robbers.

Get the Best Bike Racks for Utes or Truck Beds at Roof Rack and Towbar World

Ready to start shopping? At the Roof Rack and Towbar World, we carry fork mount fittings, bike pads, in-tub bike racks, and bike bars to help you easily and securely faster your bike to your ute tray or truck bed -- and transport it wherever and whenever you want.

Our catalogue features only the most trusted brands, including Thule, Rhino-Rack, and Yakima, to make sure you get not only top quality, but also lasting value for each purchase. And with our competent, professional team, shopping will be an enjoyable experience -- because that is what you deserve.

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