Since 1992 PIAK has provided unlimited passion for the Off-Road vehicle market coupled in the design/manufacture for 4WD protection equipment

The Piak factory was expanded, where is started to increase manufacturing capacity for 4WD protection equipment, car accessories to sell the products under the brand name " PIAK". Customers are able to request customization to their vehicle ride with " PIAK" components and accessories. Read More

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Today PIAK produces and exports products to various countries including Australia, South Africa, United Kingdom, Panama, Kenya, Mexico, Russia, Japan ,the Philippines, New Caledonia, Malaysia, Indonesia , South Korea etc.

With ISO 9001: 2015 certified, PIAK never stops working in the continued development, innovation of products and technology. We firmly believe that the success of the "PIAK" business has been derived from the excellent team, reliable service and high quality of products.

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