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It's no secret that Australia is an excellent place for outdoor enthusiasts. We have some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world, and there are many places to go hiking, kayaking, camping, or just enjoying nature. That's why we're so excited about Rhino Rack: they provide high-quality products for your outdoor gear needs! With their wide range of products and great prices, why would anyone ever go anywhere else? Rhino-Rack is worth checking out if you're looking for a new way to explore the outdoors with the right gear.

Rhino-Rack Quality Outdoor Gear for Your Adventures

Rhino-Rack is the leading manufacturer of high-quality and innovative products for your vehicle. Rhino-Rack ensures they stay on top of the latest carrier technology and designs.Rhino-Rack focuses on durability and quality in all their products, this has made them a leading choice for outdoor enthusiasts looking for a reliable product.

Their commitment to quality goes beyond just the product itself. It extends into every aspect of their business. From their design teams in Sydney and Brisbane to their manufacturing facilities in Australia, Rhino-Rack is dedicated to providing customers with a superior experience from start to finish.

What Makes Rhino-Rack the Best Outdoor Gear?

There are several reasons why Rhino-Rack is considered the great choice for all your outdoor needs, including:


Rhino-Rack produces durable gear that can withstand even the most challenging conditions. Whether heading out on a long hike or a rough off-road excursion, you can trust that your Rhino-Rack gear will hold up.

Versatility and Functionality

All Rhino-Rack products, including bike carriers, cargo carriers, roof racks, and awning accessories, are designed to make your adventures more enjoyable and convenient. No matter what you're doing, Rhino-Rack has the gear you need to make the most out of your time outdoors.


Rhino-Rack products make it a popular choice among many avid adventurers. You can find different models at different price points depending on your needs. To make it even better, at Roof Rack & Towbar World we offer competitive prices for all Rhino-Rack products.

Easy Installation

Rhino-Rack products are also known for their easy installation. With clear instructions and user-friendly designs, you can have your equipment set up and ready to go in no time. As an authorised Rhino Rack dealer, Roof Rack & Towbar World offers custom installation service for Rhino-Rack products. So if you are having trouble fitting your new Rhino-Rack product, our installation experts can offer a helping hand.


Rhino-Rack is a company that is constantly innovating on tradition. Whether developing new products or improving existing ones, they always look for ways to improve your outdoor experiences. With Rhino-Rack, you can trust that you're getting the best gear for the Australian outback.

Rhino-Rack Products

Rhino-Rack offer wide range of products, some of their most popular products are:   

Rhino-Rack Roof Rack Systems

Rhino Roof Racks are a system. They are a combination of roof rack components like crossbars, feet, fitting kits and back bones that combine car specific parts with modular parts to create a customisable set up for your car and designed to give you the best possible fitment. Whether you're hauling bikes and kayaks or just some timber  and or a ladder, Rhino-Rack has your back. This superior product offers a wide range of load carrying options so that you can do whatever it is you need to do with confidence, knowing that your equipment will be secure and safe on top of your vehicle.

Rhino-Rack Platforms and Accessories

Rhino-Rack platforms are a flat rack ecosystem that can be mounted on the roof of your vehicle. Whether you're looking to carry cargo or just some extra gear, Rhino-Rack has all the bases covered with their massive range of platforms and accessories. Rhino-Rack platforms and accessories are made from high quality materials that are strong and durable. Their Pioneer platforms deliver the ultimate load carrying solution for your vehicle, whether you're looking to haul cargo or just some extra gear. You can use the Rhino Rack accessories for bike racks, cargo carriers and snowboard racks. You can also mount them on any vehicle but most often you will find them on 4x4’s and SUVs.

Rhino-Rack Wire Mesh Baskets

Rhino-Rack Wire Mesh Baskets are the perfect accessory to get your cargo on the road and compliment your Rhino-Rack awning system. Whether you’re camping in the bush or spending the day at the beach, it's important to be prepared. Rhino-Rack Wire Mesh Baskets are available in a range of sizes and profiles to suit your needs. 

Rhino-Rack Awnings and Accessories

From straight 2 and 2.5m Sunseeker to the 270 degree Batwing. Rhino-rack has an option for you.

Rhino-Rack also makes a variety of outdoor accessories, including awnings and other shade structures. Awnings provide shelter from the sun and rain, but they can also be used as storage space for all of your gear. These awnings come in different models and sizes and can be attached to vehicles for camping, picnicking, or just enjoying the outdoors. Rhino-Rack awnings and accessories are designed to be durable and easy to install, making them an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts. From straight 2 and 2.5m Sunseeker awnings to the 270 degree Batwing. Rhino-rack has an option for you.

Rhino-Rack Bike Racks

Rhino-Rack bike racks are the perfect way to transport your bikes safely and securely. Rhino-Rack bike racks are lightweight and sturdy. They're also easy to install and use so that you can get on the road with your bikes quickly.

With their wide variety of bike carriers available, Rhino-Rack has options that fit just about any vehicle, from sedans and hatchbacks to SUVs and vans. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone who needs a way to transport their bikes from place to place.

With their top-quality easy-to-use carriers, Rhino-Rack allows you to choose a product that fits your needs. 

Rhino-Rack Trusted Dealer

If you're in the market for Rhino-Rack products, you've come to the right place. Roof Rack and Towbar World is a trusted dealer of Rhino-Rack, so you can be sure that we'll give you the best advice on what product will work best for your needs.

At Roof Rack and Towbar World, we know that when you're shopping for products such as roof racks, cargo trays, bike racks or awnings, it's essential to find someone who understands your needs and will provide top-notch service. That's why we're proud to offer our customers the best possible advice and support in finding the right product for their next adventure.

We understand that buying these kinds of products online can be difficult because there are so many options. This is why our team is dedicated to helping customers find exactly what they need at a competitive price. No matter what your budget is or what kind of vehicle you drive, we'll help guide you through choosing an option that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle.

So if you're looking for the rhino roof racks, platforms, work gear, bike racks, water sport carriers, awnings, and other accessories stop by one of our branches in Artarmon or Burwood. We carry a wide selection of Rhino-Rack products so that you can outfit your vehicle for whatever adventure comes next.

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