Built to fit a wide range of 4x4 utes and wagons and selected vans.

The Wedgetail platform roof rack has been developed to fill the need for a new generation composite assembly platform roof rack with the strength to maintain its full load rating on the toughest of off-road tracks. Read More

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Wedgetail roof racks are manufactured by Tradesman Roof Racks. They are 100% manufactured in Australia using local raw materials. With 40 years experience in the manufacture and fitting of roof racks we know a lot about roof racks. Seeing our competitors create roof racks which were not suited to Australian conditions we decided it was time to bring our knowledge and experience to the fore and manufacture a composite roof rack that was suitable for Australian roads — and we meant all of Australia's roads. Wedgetail racks have been designed by our engineers to withstand the toughest of Australian conditions and for as long as you want to use it.

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