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Cargo Carriers

Roof Rack World has all the best cargo carrier brands including Thule, Rhino-Rack, and Yakima, and can help you find a solution that is perfect for your needs – trust us, we’ve seen many people regret buying the wrong solution – so be sure to speak to our expert staff before you make the decision. Plus, we’ve installed literally hundreds of cargo carriers, so you can trust Roof Rack World to fit yours securely and safely.

There are heaps of options from roof boxes and soft bags, to roof baskets and trays – the most common solution is to utilise the roof but we also have some great options for the rear of the car too.

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Roof Boxes

A Roof Box or Roof Pod is the must-have accessory for any regular road tripper. Take the piles of extra gear out of the footwells and off the seats, keeping it all safe and dry in a secure, aerodynamic car roof box. learn more >

Premium Trays & Platforms

If you are looking for a top quality integrated system that offers the most secure way of carrying your gear, then we have a huge range of stylish & sleek premium trays and platforms to help. learn more >

Alloy Trays

Made from aluminium, Alloy Trays look amazing and are super light. When you get back from a trip you can quickly disconnect from your racks and carrying it easily to your favoured place to store. learn more >

Steel Tubular Baskets

Steel tubular baskets fit somewhere in between the basic everyday wire mesh basket and an alloy tray. learn more >

Wire Mesh Baskets & Platforms

Our wide range of roof baskets are perfect for carrying bikes, skis, luggage or anything you need to get safely from A to B. learn more >

Cargo Bags

Cargo Bags keep your extra bulky light weight gear safe, dry and secure. learn more >

Folding Roof Boxes

These solutions offer a bag style solution with a self sufficient load rated base. learn more >

Rear Loading Cargo

From luggage racks to cargo bags and towbar mounted boxes, we can work out a solution to get your gear from A to B without taking up all the room in the car. learn more >