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Everything You Need to Know About Roof Rack Trays

Summer may be almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on adventures during cold weather. Getting your SUV or truck a high-quality roof rack tray lets you bring all your gear to the trip while you remain seated comfortably -- and ready for the adventure!

What Are Roof Rack Trays

Roof rack trays are designed to help keep your bags, camping gear, and other bulky equipment secure and safe on the roof of your vehicle.

It’s NOT impossible to carry large objects on your car even if it doesn’t have a roof rack installed. But while you may know of numerous DIY methods to keep outdoor gear in place without using special equipment, a roof rack tray remains a must-have. Here are some of the benefits you can get from owning one:

Saves you space. A roof rack tray allows you to put camping gear on top of your vehicle -- giving you a lot of room inside the car for smaller essentials. 

Who would say no to having more legroom instead of being forced to sit awkwardly while luggage takes up most of the space?

Offers strong protection. Roof rack trays are typically made of durable materials. In fact, many of these products are made of good quality aluminium that offers terrific weather resistance. 

Furthermore, manufacturers usually offer multi-year warranties so you can replace a damaged roof rack tray under certain conditions.

Easy to install. Modern roof rack trays are normally not difficult to install and don’t put any extra weight on your vehicle. Most newer models also feature an easy-carry design -- making them quite easy to bring wherever you go. 

Improves your car’s appearance. Last but not the least, roof rack trays nowadays come in several types and styles. This allows you to customise your ride’s overall look to match your preference.

Types of Roof Rack Trays

Gone are the days when roof rack trays were extremely bulky to carry around and very complicated to put on. Today, it’s not unusual for roof trays to have special features that meet specific needs.

There are two basic roof rack tray types; platforms and baskets. Both fit most roofs and come in a variety of sizes, so you can easily find one that’s perfect for your car. 

Pioneer Platform

Pioneer platform roof rack trays are ideal for carrying large backpacks and other camping gear during your road trip. They’re also excellent in safely transporting tools like shovers, high-lift jacks, spare wheels, jerry cans, and more. Moreover, the added side rails can be utilised for tents, lights, screens, and awnings.

One of the main benefits you can expect from a roof rack platform is its ability to keep your equipment in place, even through various traffic conditions. Its lower profile also makes it less likely to hit something even when it’s windy.

Steel Mesh Platform

Steel mesh platform trays usually come in various designs and additional side rails that let you arrange smaller equipment better without anything falling off. Baskets, unless they’re mesh baskets, normally come with front wind deflectors so wind noises wouldn’t cause problems even as you drive faster.

This makes them better suited for carrying smaller objects such as bags, luggages, and tyres. They also do a great job of keeping anything that could rattle around in place during long drives. 

Steel Mesh Basket

Basket roof rack trays are ideal for small cars (sedans) to large cars (trucks and SUVs) to transport your camping gear. Baskets normally come with front wind deflectors so wind noises wouldn’t cause problems even as you drive faster.

Alloy Tray

Alloy roof rack trays feature a stylish design and a versatile mounting system that allows them to fit most vehicles. The alloy tray also has tapered side walls that let you load and unload your equipment safely.

How to Choose the Best Roof Rack Tray

Choosing the right type of roof rack tray might be difficult if it’s your first time to buy one. You can prioritise style if you only intend to transport smaller items, but it might be better to consider functionality first if you’re using it for business.

No matter what your purpose is, the following are factors you must consider before purchasing a roof rack tray:


When you plan to transport sizable objects for recreational or commercial purposes, a large platform or basket would be ideal. Otherwise, a smaller roof rack tray would be fine. Just make sure to get one that fits the type or brand of your vehicle.

Weight Capacity

Despite being quite heavy, newer roof rack trays are also capable of bearing significantly more weight than what your car roof can carry. Check your vehicle’s user manual to determine its carrying weight so you know exactly what roof platform or basket to install.


Finally, set a budget. Look for the best deals before placing your order -- which actually aren’t that hard to find. Note that modern roof rack systems that can be accessorised and have more advanced features are usually pricier than the typical ones.

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