Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh Platform Roof Rack - Large, Medium & Small

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Whether you’re escaping the city for the weekend, camping with the kids, on a road trip with mates or thinking about a large shopping spree, you can quickly run out of space in the boot. A Steel Mesh Basket could be the perfect solution to your packing woes – meaning you won’t have to leave any gear at home or cut back on your shopping. Our wide range roof baskets are perfect for carrying bikes, skis, luggage or anything you need to get safely from A to B.

The Rhino-Rack Steel Mesh Baskets are made from tough steel, offering you a strong and durable transport method for all those extra items. They double dipped, zinc-plated and power-coated black to ensure that they are rust resistant and won’t fade.

With over 12 different shapes and sizes we are sure to have something that’s just right for you. Get in touch or drop by a store to find out which Roof basket solution will be best for you.

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