Child Restraint Fitting Specialists

It is all about making your little ones safe

Authorised Child Restraint Fitting Service

Roof Rack World are an authorised child restraint fitting service.  That way you are guaranteed to be kept safe and secure with latest research and best practice endorsed by the government.

Always Ready to Fit

With a number of child restraint specialists on staff we always have someone ready to go to get your seat set safe and secure ready to carry your precious cargo.

Empowered to be safe

Our staff work in retail so we are used to questions.  We are more than happy to explain everything as we go.  As it is not a legal requirement to have your child seat installed professionally, we would love share any tips or tricks.


Child Restraint Fitting Pricing


Inspection Check everything is safe


If you’ve installed your own seat just want us to check it for you we are happy to take a quick look and let you know if it is safe or not. It is good to remember that 80% of home installed seats are not installed well or correctly.

Re-Fit Re-Fit or Change of Vehicle


Had your child seat fitted before by RRW but would like to change the seat to a different car or need it re-installed? We can look you up in our database and offer you our repeat client discount to re-fit your child restraint.

Anchor Points Install an Anchor Point


Most modern cars are installed with child restraint anchor points ready to go. However, there are times when an after-market anchor point needs to be installed. If you would like to discuss the options please get in touch.


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