How We're Responding to COVID-19

With the current COVID-19 crisis and the strict isolation measures put in place by the Australian government, here is a quick update on how we're committed to helping our customers. It's incredibly important that we do our part to keep you and our staff safe. So we have implemented social distancing practices, we have mandatory hand washing after every installation, and stricter cleaning measures in place. To help you avoid unnecessarily visiting our stores, we have free contactless delivery on most of our product range and our experienced team can help you with your order over the phone.

Exercise in Isolation

Now that many of us are confined to smaller spaces, it's more important than ever that we exercise. Social distancing and isolation do not mean that cycling, kayaking, and towing activities have to stop. There are several ways we can equip you to get out and exercise. Our team has the most experience in outdoor adventure automotive accessories and were here to help you navigate the complicated field of products.

We work hard to earn our reputation for quality and integrity every day. We always recommend whatever is the best for your situation and the most economical for meeting your requirements. Our core purpose guides everything we do: we aim to inspire, educate and equip you to stay healthy during the COVID-19 crisis.


Shop Online

We've been hard at work on our new website so that you can shop online. It's one of the best ways that you can get set-up with what you need while avoiding unnecessary trips into public during lock-down. Our new website is going through its final makeover now, but it's already fully functional.

If you would like to shop online with us, then check out early access on our new website now.

We will be in contact with every order made so that you get the great service you have come to expect from us on every online order.


Get in touch

We love to hear about your fitting requirements, so get in touch to discuss your needs.