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Choosing the Right Fixed Point Mounts for Your Car’s Roof Racks

As a permanent fixture on your vehicle's roof, whether for additional storage space or as a carrier for your gear, the roof rack is a system that needs all the best components for maximum performance.

The point pads or mounts are important in installing or customising a secure rack -- and your specific racking system depends on the type of mounts that you have on your car roof. If you have fixed point pads on your car roof, here is how you make the best of them so that you can turn your vehicle into the adventure vessel that you deserve.

What Are Fixed Point Pads or Mounts?

Fixed points are attachment points that come with many types of cars, and they make it easy to set up a roof rack for your vehicle. In many cases, these are hidden under small flaps or flush-fitting covers, although you would also find fixed points that are easily visible. They come in three main types:

● Saddles

● Domes; and

● Threaded anchor points

Fixed points are either factory-installed or an intentional upgrade. If it’s the latter, these mount pads are typically drilled onto the roof and then secured with rivets according to the type and make of your vehicle. 

Why You Need Fixed Point Pads

Installing fixed point pads on your car roof provides easy mounting points for a solid and functional racking system. As such, these accessories help:

● Enable your car to increase its load capacity by creating a rack that can transport various types of gear

● Equip your car with a safe and secure way to hold and move kayaks, tradies gear, etc

● Match several types of racking systems and components, including the latest releases from the most             established brands

● Help you free up space inside your car

Many fixed point pads are also durable, harnessing reliable engineering to ensure that they can stay efficient and operational for a long time. So when you invest in these components, you’re gifting yourself and your loved ones a trustworthy way to bring adventure closer to you with a well-equipped roof rack!

Shopping for Fixed Point Pads

When choosing among available types of fixed point pads, there are certain things that you should consider, such as the following:

Compatibility with the other components of your desired roof rack. Since it is part of a system, the pads or mounts should work well with all the other components of your racking system to achieve the best performance.

If you’re just about to build one, check whether the fixed point pads are compatible with the specific crossbars that you have in mind. Similarly, some of these pads only work with certain types of leg sets

Type of vehicle. The pads should suit your vehicle -- not just for design but for performance. There is no one pad or mount to fit all types of vehicles, so do your research when choosing.

Some pads, for instance, are more ideal for a wider range of car roofs: whether it’s flat, angled, or curved. Alternatively, you’ll find fixed point pads that are better suited to curved roofs, or when extra height is needed to level out multiple bars.

Material choice and durability. You should also make sure to get fixed points for roof racks that are made from high-performance materials that are durable, weather-resistant, and anti-corrosive. Aluminium and steel are particularly ideal options as they can withstand corrosion and ensure continuous use.

Required load capacity. Some fixed points are more suited to lighter load situations, while others can take on more weight. When choosing, consider the type of gear that you will be transporting, and opt for products that best match your needs. 

Get Quality Fixed Point Mounts at Roof Rack and Towbar World

When you shop for fixed point pads at Roof Rack and Towbar World, you don’t just get high-quality materials. Granted, we work with some of the best brands in the industry to bring you a catalogue of excellent options that deliver optimal value, superior performance, and lasting functionality.

But more than the products that we carry, our team also makes sure that you’re getting the full scope of the experience with us. We believe in equipping every Australian family with the ability to enjoy the best of what life has to offer -- and we take pride in guiding our clients towards the best roof rack systems for their budget, needs, and goals.

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