Number Plate Rules

So you’ve got your towbar bike rack sorted, and you’re ready to roll out for your adventures… that’s great! BUT there’s one very important thing that many people forget or simply don’t even think about – is your number plate obscured? We don’t want to you to be ready to go on that epic trail ride, or family holiday only to discover you need to get your number plate sorted – so here’s a few helpful tips to make sure you are prepared.

Tip #1 – Don’t fake it.

A hand written number plate on card board doesn’t cut it with the police. Neither does a nicely printed out number plate… you can make it look as nice or real as possible but unfortunately, only a real, legit number plate counts! So either, get hold of a proper Auxiliary Number Plate, or take your existing number plate off and put it on the bike rack.

Tip #2 – Get a plate.

Get an Auxiliary Plate – you can order a plate with the RMS (for NSW) here > Check your local roads authority if you are in another state.

Tip #3 – Light it up.

Many people get hold of the Aux plate and they think they’re all sorted – perhaps for the day time, but what about night? Nope, sorry… if you don’t adequately light your number plate, you could get done too. From the RMS site: “It is an offence for drivers and registered operators of vehicles displaying auxiliary number plates outside the above requirements or without a required light.”

Thule Lightboard

A recent bike carrier install with in-built number plate holder and lighting on the Thule carrier.

That leads to the next tip…

Tip #4 – Get setup properly.

If you want to save the hassle of trying to hook/tie/strap your plate and wire up some shonky light for the bike rack, then get setup properly with a Light Bar or Number Plate Holder. Yep, someone has put some thought into this whole issue and have created some great products to make your life easier – so do yourself a favour and get in touch with our team about the best number plate holder or light bar for you.

Number plate requirements

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