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Carrying bikes on a vehicle can often be complex, especially if you are taking the kids bikes or trying to carry bikes for all your mates. We aim to make this complex issue as simple as possible by offering a large range of products from the best brands like Thule, Rhino-Rack, and Yakima. But more importantly, we listen to your particular situation – there are so many variables when it comes to cars, bikes and racks… and you can easily end up with a bike rack that isn’t ideal for your needs unless you get the right advice.

So speak to the bike racks and carriers experts at Roof Rack World before you buy any product off the shelf and you could save yourself hours of loading bikes, so you can spend more time having fun riding!

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Towbar Bike Carriers – Hitch / Tongue & Ball

Towbar mounted bike racks are a strong and secure solution to carrying your bikes if you have either a hitch or tongue & ball style towbar. These carriers are available in tray or hanging ‘arm’ style.

Tray style carriers support the weight of bikes in a tray and secure them by clamping the front wheels. They are easy to load, will carry virtually any type of bicycle and can be expanded to hold up to 4 bikes. If you have heavy bikes such as downhill or freeride style, tray-style hitches offer the lowest loading heights available, and can hold around 60+kgs.

Hanging or arm style carriers have a relatively low loading height, and hold up to 5 bikes and 60+kgs. The main restriction of these is using the frame as the primary point of attachment and the support arms may not fit full-suspension mountain bikes or bikes with unusual frame shapes.

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Roof Bike Carriers – Fork or Wheel On Mount

If you don’t have a towbar or aren’t comfortable with bikes on the back of the car then Roof mount bike racks are the solution for you. First check – you obviously need Roof racks, then we have a large range of roof bike carriers to suit all types of roof racks.

Roof bike carriers are ideal for vehicles that are lower such as sedans and hatches. If you own a 4WD or SUV’s which have a higher roof, it’s important to consider that you need to lift your bike much higher to mount. Roof mount carriers are best for lighter bikes that are easy to lift.

Roof carriers are available in fork mount where you remove the front wheel of the bike and fix it to the rack, or leave the wheel on and use the clever arm systems available to securely hold your bike in place.

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Boot/Hatch Strap on Bike Carriers

If you don’t have a towbar and are not interested in roof racks, rear strap on bike racks are a great option. These are typically your best $ per bike scenario, therefore generally providing the least expensive way to transport your bike.

These carriers mount to your boot or hatch door using a number of straps with rubber coated hooks that are used to secure them to the vehicle. They are generally fairly lightweight, and the same rack can be generally moved between compatible vehicles.

A consideration is that these racks will often prevent you from being able to open your boot or hatch while it is attached. Finally it must be noted that unlike a towbar, there is no trailer plug to utilise should you want to attach a lightboard for your number plate.

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Spare Wheel Bike Carriers

The spare wheel fitted on 4WD’s & SUV’s usually means a towbar bike carrier is not a great option, and 4WD’s can be too high to be suitable for roof mount carriers. In comes the Spare Wheel Carriers to save the day!

A Spare Wheel Bike Carrier attaches safely and securely to the rear spare wheel, and generally fold up tidily when not in use, so can remain on the car when not in use. Most options allow for two bikes to be transported and they (arguably) allow you to load and unload your bikes faster than any bike carrier.

Don’t let your spare wheel get in the way of your riding adventures – get in touch with us to find the right Spare Wheel Bike Carrier for your vehicle.

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Ute & Tray Floor Bike Carriers

Even a ute can do with some extra help carrying bikes – Roof Rack World has a range of nifty fittings, bars and pads to make carrying bikes in your ute simple.

We supply a range of Thule, Yakima and Rhino Rack fork mount fittings and bike bars to securely fasten your bike in the ute tray – perfect for most road and hybrid mountain bikes. Quick and easy to use, they can also be key locked which provides protection against bike theft.
If you’ve got a ute and you love your downhill mountain biking, a tailgate pad is the answer for you. Load your bike hassle free on your tailgate – Perfect for quick load & unload. Heavy-duty padding to protect your bike and truck. Built-in tailgate handle access Fits a wide range of tailgate sizes.

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Motorhome & RV Bike Carriers

Once you’ve set up camp in the perfect spot, what better way to discover the countryside than by bicycle? You don’t have to transport the bikes inside – Thule Motorhome & RV racks are designed to transport up to 4 bikes – quickly, safely and easily.

Manual or motorised, from 2 to 4 bikes, for motorhome, caravan or van our carrier range will fit your needs – get in touch to discover the best solution for your needs.

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