cargo barriers

Cargo Barriers

Everyone carries ‘cargo’ in their car, but the most precious cargo on board is the people inside – that’s why Roof Rack World supplies a range of fully certified cargo barrier solutions to keep your family, staff and yourself safe while on the road.

With quality Australian Made products from the best brands, Autosafe & Milford, great prices and expert installation, Roof Rack World has all your cargo barrier needs covered.

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Cargo Barriers

Cargo barriers are the best way to make sure your dog isn’t trying to kiss you while you’re driving. Seriously though, if you have an accident or even just brake suddenly, unsecured items like groceries, work gear or sporting equipment can all become lethal weapons. Installing appropriate occupant protection in your vehicle is a must and there’s no better way to ensure your safety than with a Cargo Barrier.

Both Autosafe and Milford Cargo Barriers comply to AS/NZS4034.1:2008 Australian Standards and offer a range of handy features such as seat tractability, dual position and easy adjustment or removal. Plus both come with comprehensive warranties for extra peace of mind.

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Load/Cab Guards

Load or Cab Guards provide protection for occupants in the cabin of a ute (utility vehicle) & pick-ups. From fleet and mining vehicles to transport and materials handling vehicles or even off-road and recreational vehicles – these products will protect the safety of you and your employees.

Both designed and manufactured in Australia, Loadguard by Autosafe and CabGard Cargo Barrier by Milford comply to Australian Standards.

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Window Guards

Window Guards serve two purposes.  The first is to limit forced break-in into a vehicle, the second to protect the window from breakage due to moving cargo. Autosafe offers two types of Window Guards, bent tubular frame and welded mesh and Laser cut and folded sheet metal.

Being purpose built to each vehicle Autosafe Window Guards are both easy to fit and look the part. Ensure your tools of trade and cargo are protected with Autosafe Window Guarding.

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Anti-Vapour Partitions

The Autosafe anti vapour partition restricts dangerous vapours and fumes entering the cabin area thus protecting the driver and occupants.

It also acts as a Cargo Barrier and fully complies to AS/NZS4034.1:2008.

The Anti Vapour Partition helps sound proof and insulate the cabin area in hot and cold weather and is suitable for many trades, from petro-chemical to animal transport.

In addition, the Anti Vapour Partition comes as a one piece unit and where possible fits to the existing captive mounts in the vehicle, minimising the need to drill additional holes and making it quick and easy to install.

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Air Conditioning Screens

Air Conditioning Screens are generally made from clear vinyl with a bound edge and attach to the perimeter of a cargo barrier with cable ties. They are used to restrict air flow and maximise climate control and environmental protection by separating the cargo area from the cabin of the vehicle. Ideal in Summer and Winter in retaining cool and warmth for occupants.

We supply a large range to suit all Light Commercial vehicles and custom designs are also available upon request.

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