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It’s all well and good to transport your gear in style on your car, but where do you put when you get home?

Roof Rack World has a great range of home storage solutions to make this task so much easier. Talk to our team about box lifts, garage hangers, brackets and many other great storage ideas and solutions for around the home.

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Hanging Bike Storage

Store your bikes up off the floor to protect against accidents, reclaim parking space in the garage, or simply have a nice tidy shed. Store your bike in different ways with one of the many wall hanging solutions available.

The versatile Rubbermaid FastTrack® system offers both Horizontal and Vertical Bike Rack storage options with a “soft grip’ coating to protect your bikes. It is easy to attach and adjust on the rail so you can make a customised garage storage system that can change as your storing needs change.

Thule also has a number of good solutions to store your bikes safely and securely when not in use.

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Free Standing Bike Storage

The Thule Bike Stacker is a great option to store multiple bikes and is freestanding, meaning no install required. With hanger arms that adjust independently to any height up and down the bike rack, you can tailor it to suit your bike size. It has strong 1″ x 2″ steel construction, meaning it can hold even the heaviest of bicycles.

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General Storage & Organisation

Need to make space for the car in your garage? Or just looking to get some organisation in the shed? One of the best solutions is to ‘get it off the floor’ – it’s easy with a wall-mounted system that gives you a place to store shovels, bikes and more….

Free up room for the car and much more by tapping some unused space—the walls—and getting everything off the floor. The versatile Rubbermaid FastTrack® system is a great option – ask us for more information.

The Rhino-Rack Roof Box Wall Hanger is a great solution to use your existing roof box as a handy storage container. With a load capacity of 30kg or 66lb the Roof Box Wall Hanger can mount any sized Rhino-Rack Roof Box.

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