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Roof Rack World installs towbars and wiring for all types of vehicles. We stock the worlds leading brands such as Hayman-Reese, Milford and Westfalia, and even offer a “Lifetime” Warranty on selected towbars.

There are many different types of towbars on the market, and most are specific to car make & model. It is important to know which towbar is most suitable to your particular vehicle, so get in touch to discuss your options, arrange installation or just check stock & availability for your vehicle.

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European Towbars

As the car manufacturing industry in Australia diminishes, European cars continue to grow in popularity. Many people prefer to match their towbar styling to their car Make, so if you’ve got a European car and you’re looking for a towbar to match, go no further.

Westfalia is now manufacturing locally. If you’re tempted by a towbar that is the easy to install, simple to remove the swan neck, is key lockable and doesn’t rattle while you’re driving – a European towbar may be for you.

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Flat Tongue Towbars

Have a small car? Are looking to stick to budget? Then the Flat Tongue Towbar might be the answer. Simple, strong, and secure. While the tongue can still be detached from the towbar frame, these are more generally considered more permanent as you will need an extra large spanner to remove the tongue.

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Horizontal Hitch Towbars (40mm or 50mm)

Say “Towbar” and this is the towbar that Australians will imagine. The horizontal hitch is what most people have in mind when they think about a removable towbar. By far the most common style of towbar installed on larger cars, the 50mm horizontal hitch is strong, neat, useful and adaptable. Less common than the 50mm hitch, the 40mm hitch offers a nice clean finish on cars where the 50mm is too large or heavy.

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Vertical Hitch Towbar (50mm)

As car are continually modernised, one design trend is to see the bumpers wrap further and further underneath the car.  To avoid making a large ugly cut in the face of the bumper for the towbar to exit, vertical hitches allow the towbar to exit through an almost invisible cut in the bottom of the bumper and in doing so mimic European Towbars with a down first and then out mentality to remove.

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Light Protector Towbars

With the lights on your van so exposed an option to help protect your vehicle and lights while backing is the Light Protector Towbar. They are designed to provide rear body and lamp protection for those commercial vehicles that need to tow heavy trailers and can be removed when not in use.

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Towbar Wiring

Wiring is perhaps the main reason you need an expert to fit your towbar. Every towbar fitted by Roof Rack World comes installed with the appropriate trailer plug.

In some cases these are “standard” and in others they are “intelligent” and can “talk” to the cars computer. However, there may be a situation where all you really want is a plug by itself or you would like to add a brake controller.

It is important to ensure the cars computer is protected by an ECU and that the right power source is found.  At Roof Rack World we can offer you standard wiring for trailer plugs. trailer plugs integrated with your cars computer, brake controllers.

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