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Choosing the Right Tracks to Fit Your Roof Rack System

Vehicles have different roof racks depending on the purpose or use--- to provide extra storage space, or safely transport small or large gear such as kayaks, boards, bicycles, tradies equipment, and others. 

Whatever purpose you may require of your racks, having the right components to design and complete the best roof system for your needs would ensure maximum performance -- and getting optimal value for your money.

Since roof racks are a significant investment, components should perfectly match each other. This is exactly the case for your roof racks and roof rack tracks.

What Are Roof Rack Tracks?

Roof rack tracks are custom mounts that you can use to expand the functionality of your car roof and create an adjustable roof rack system for all your needs. These low-profile channels are permanent components that are either factory-installed or custom fitted.

Track mounts run along your roof or canopy, and they work with various types of roof rack bars and legs. In many cases, you can also decide how many bars you'd like to add to your racking system, as well as choose the right heights and spacers for bars that come with the car. 

These components then run along the tracks, offering various benefits that make them integral components of a fully functioning system. 

Why You Need Roof Rack Tracks

Whether or not your car came pre-installed with roof rails, tracks enable you to add or install different types of roof racks or platforms to help you transport watersports gear, tradies equipment, camping stuff, or others by creating a roof racking system. 

As such, you can look forward to these rewards.

Redesign Your Car's Load-Carrying Capacity

At Roof Rack and Towbar World, we make sure that you are guided every step of the way to unleash access to a world of adventure -- anytime and anywhere! With our range of available roof rack tracks, you can reimagine load-carrying capacities for your vehicle and revamp them to transform limitations into possibilities, in most cases.

Create a Multi-Sport Racking System

Speaking of possibilities, a track mount roof rack allows you to install and maintain virtually any type of racking system fit for various requirements. You don't need to choose between your watersports passion, your love for camping and hiking, and your day job -- all these are supported with the right type of track mount for your specific vehicle.

Our team will walk you through your options to make sure that you're making an informed decision that will serve you well for a long time. Our products create lasting value that can accommodate current and future needs, and our attention to service supplements this to ensure the most bang for your buck.

Access Optimal Convenience and Flexibility

Finally, many of the options that you’ll find in our catalogue are sold as a pair and can fit into existing groves of installed roof racks, or can be customised for bare roofs. They also come in various lengths, making them a versatile option for many types of vehicles.

You can also trust our team of experts to help you navigate the process -- from start to finish. We’ll make sure you go home with the right racking system to prepare you for a life full of bliss.

Customising Your Roof Rack Track Mount

Ready to get started? Consider these factors when creating the ideal racking system with a track mount roof rack.

  • What you're transporting
  • Your vehicle's weight capacity
  • Your roof's current setup
  • Your budget; and
  • Ease of installation

What You Can Get Out of Our Range of Tracks

Shop our range of tracks to design a permanent, adjustable mounting point -- whether you have a car roof, a canopy, or a hard tub lid. Most of our products can be customised to fit a certain size, come with hardware and end caps, and are sold as pairs.

On top of these, you can expect:

  • Durable and non-corrosive material construction (such as aluminium)
  • Compatibility with various roof rack ranges from trusted brands like Rhino-Rack
  • Compliance with Australian Standards for road vehicles, roof load carriers, and roof bars

Finally, we ensure a professional installation.  Installing track mount roof racks is a complex undertaking that requires navigating complicated procedures. Our team of experts is well worth up to the task and will ensure you get the results that you deserve.

Get Your Roof Rack Tracks at Roof Rack and Towbar World

At the Roof Rack and Towbar World, there are various models of durable and high-quality rack tracks currently available to suit your needs and preferences. We take pride in carrying the best products from the most established brands, so you’re assured of finding lasting quality -- not to mention excellent product warranty!

Our trained team of professionals will also assist you in finding the right components from our wide range of products from brands like Rhino-Rack and Yakima. And if you need our guidance, we’ll make sure you get what you deserve when you source your roof rack tracks from us.

Tell us about your budget and your goals today. Get in touch with us at 02 8999 8878 or visit our Artarmon or Burwood location.

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