Thule Snow Roof Boxes

A Thule snow roof box lets you transport one or more pairs of skis, snowboards, boots and poles easily and securely.

Just choose the length and size of box you need from the following 6 ranges:

  • Thule Motion XT
  • Thule Force XT
  • Thule Excellence XT
  • Thule Dynamic
  • Thule Touring
  • Thule Ranger

Or, if you don’t already have a roof rack, choose according to your vehicle’s make, model and year.

Thule snow roof boxes are designed for quick mounting, easy loading and unloading as well as ultra-safe and lockable protection during your journey. What’s more, with a sleek, aerodynamic profile, they look great too.


  • Safe and secure transportation of skis, snowboards and other gear
  • Tough yet stylish and aerodynamic design
  • Smart loading/unloading features as well as locks
  • Suitable for most roof rack systems

Get expert advice on which roof box is right for you
Thule snow box with skisThule Dynamic XT Roof BoxThule Force XT Large Roof BoxThule Excellence XT Roof BoxIn the snow with Thule snow roof boxThule Motion XT Sport Roof Box