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Roof Rack World installs towbars and wiring for all types of vehicles. We specialise in all types towing products.  Hitch, flat tongue, european towbars are all welcome with us.  Integrated wiring kits which replicate 100% factory installed systems are no problem for our speciality team either.  If you need charge lines, brake controllers or other speciality wiring this too is bread and butter.  Importantly Roof Rack and Towbar World is an authorised distributor and strategic partner for all products Hayman-Reese for Sydney and New South Wales.  With “Life Time” warranty on all our workshop installations be confident your job will be completed correctly and last.  Also should you require something a little more custom or unique please talk to our team about how we can support you in your towing, needs.

There are many different types of towbars on the market, and most are specific to car make & model. It is important to know which towbar is most suitable to your particular vehicle, so get in touch to discuss your options, arrange installation or just check stock & availability for your vehicle.

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European Towbars

Many people prefer to match their towbar styling to their car Make, so if you’ve got a European car and you’re looking for a towbar to match, go no further. learn more >

Flat Tongue Towbars

The Flat Tongue Towbar is simple, strong and secure and well suited to a small car and a low budget. learn more >

Horizontal Hitch Towbars

The horizontal hitch is by far the most common style of towbar installed in larger cars. learn more >

Light Protector Towbars

An option to help protect your vehicle and lights while backing is the Light Protector Towbar. learn more >

Vertical Hitch Towbars

Vertical hitches allow the towbar to exit through an almost invisible cut in the bottom of the bumper and in doing so mimic European Towbars. learn more >


Wiring is perhaps the main reason you need an expert to fit your towbar. Every towbar fitted by Roof Rack World comes installed with the appropriate trailer plug. learn more >