Best Brake Controllers and Charge Lines in Australia

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Choosing the Best Brake Controllers and Charge Lines with Roof Rack and Towbar World

The Great Outdoors is always a place that we deserve to visit -- and if towing a boat, several ski boards, or a full suite of camping gear will elevate your experience, then by all means, feel free.

You just need to make sure that whatever and whenever you’re hauling, you and your family will be safe. 

That’s where we come in. With our range of brake controllers and charge lines, you can look forward to putting together a completely functional, effective, and safe towing system.

What are Brake Controllers and Charge Lines?

First things first, though: what are brake controllers and charge lines?

And why do you need them if you’re towing anything?

Brake controllers are electronic devices that make it easy for you to apply the brakes on your caravan or trailer. They do this through two main paths:

  • Syncing the brakes on your tow vehicle (your main vehicle) and your caravan, or trailer; or 
  • Allowing you to do a manual override so that you can activate the brakes on the towed vehicle without stopping on your tow vehicle

In other words, they keep you and other motorists safe while you're on the road and towing equipment.

When Do You Need Brake Controllers?

You need brake controllers if you're towing a caravan or trailer that features electric brakes or electric over hydraulic brakes. The brake controller will gauge the amount of power required so your towed vehicle can slow down and stop.

You see, without brake controllers, you might have to wire your tow vehicle's brake signal directly to your carrier/caravan/trailer. In such a case, you'll be using 100% of your vehicle's braking power, which can quickly wear out the brakes on the other vehicle. Not to mention it might lead to very jerky stops!

Without proper syncing or override mechanisms, one of the two vehicles will also not be able to brake. And this can cause an accident -- and result in hefty fines.

Charge lines, for their part, supply current from your main vehicle to your towed vehicle so that the latter's batteries stay charged while towing. Without charge lines, you'll have to contend with power and functionality issues on your carrier, caravan, or trailer -- spoiling your towing experience and possibly leaving you at the mercy of passing strangers.

Shopping for Brake Controllers and Charge Lines: What to Consider

At the Roof Rack & Towbar World, we carry a wide array of the best brake controllers and charge lines for your needs. Choose between proportional and time-delayed brake controllers, which come in various mounting options. These include under-dash, wireless, trailer-mounted, and dashboard knob controllers. Meanwhile, our charge line kits are also built to seamlessly integrate into your tow systems.

On top of these, we also provide handy assistance so that you can find the ideal product that fits your specific towing requirements.

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