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Why You Need Top-Rated Towing Accessories from Roof Rack & Towbar World

Towing a bike carrier, trailer, or caravan is a serious business. You want to make sure you're getting your cargo to your destination in one piece -- and you also need to comply with existing regulations to keep yourself and others safe, on the road.

At Roof Rack & Towbar World, we're committed to helping you complete your towing setup so that you can satisfactorily fulfil your towing goals. With our range of the best trailer, carrier, and caravan towing accessories, you can look forward to various advantages, including:

  • Creating secure towing attachments to ensure your cargo's safety during transport
  • Complying with safety standards and avoiding potential fines
  • Tailoring your towing setup to your specific vehicle
  • Optimising your tow vehicle's weight capacity
  • Syncing braking mechanisms between your vehicle and your carrier, caravan, or trailer; and
  • Improving load balance and reducing sway while towing

Best Towing Accessories for Your Towing Requirements

So which towing accessories do you need to achieve the above and more?

We stock a ready selection of the following:

  • Trailer hitches: Also called tow hitches, these accessories connect your vehicle to your caravan, carrier, or trailer. Their weight capacities range from 700 up to 4500 kg, depending on the class.
  • Ball mounts: Ball mounts typically feature a shank -- which connects to a receiver -- and a ball platform, which is where the trailer ball is mounted. They're either fixed or adjustable, or come with straight or drop/rise configurations to help you accordingly adjust to various towing setups.
  • Hitch wiring: Using various connectors or adapters, hitch wiring helps in syncing your vehicle's lighting systems, brakes, and even auxiliary power to your trailer, caravan, or bike carrier.
  • Hitch pins and locks: These metal rods keep your ball mounts or racks safely attached to your receiver tube, while also securing your cargo from potential theft.

Our towing car accessories are also designed by some of the most trusted names in the industry, so you are assured of lasting quality for your money. On top of that, you can get excellent after-sales service, in case you have any questions about compatibility, fit, or just about anything!

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