Standard Wiring for Trailer Plugs, Integrated with Your Car's Computer

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Top-Quality Towbar Wiring and Modules: What You Should Know

Towing anything for professional or personal reasons requires the handy assistance of high-quality products and accessories, such as the Roof Rack & Towbar World's range of towbar wiring and modules.

Why You Need Towbar Wiring Kits and Modules

A towbar wiring kit and module connect the lighting and electrical system on your car to your towing vehicle's lighting board. So when braking or indicating, the right light will pop up on your bike carrier, caravan, or trailer.

As such, it's important that you entrust your wiring kits and modules to professionals who are not only skilled at setting them up -- but also in helping you find the right trailer plug for your vehicle. 

At the Roof Rack and Towbar World, we carry various options for wiring for trailer plugs and others. Designed by some of the most established brands in the industry for a wide range of applications, our selection assures you of optimal quality, functionality, and value for money.

Choosing Your Wiring Kit and Modules

To ensure a perfectly safe and functional system for towbar electronics, you need the right kit and module. For example, your car's computer should have the right power source and ECU or electronic control unit.

Flat or round plugs also demand careful consideration, depending on the specific kind of connector that you have in your vehicle. And if you need accessories that can plug and play with your brake controllers, your wiring kit should be similarly equipped to handle that.

7-pin Kits vs 13-pin Kits

There are three major types of towbar electric sockets that you can choose from, which are:

  • Single 7-pin electrics. Also called a 12N socket or a flat pin plug, the single 7-pin socket powers basic lights on your vehicle. These include your fog lights, brake lights, and indicator and taillights.
  • 12-pin electrics. A two-plug system, the twin 7-pin features the typical 12n socket and a 125-electrics socket. This makes it more powerful than its simpler iteration, and you'll need it if you need to power more than the basic lights. These include a power supply, a battery, a reversing lamp, and a fridge.
  • 13-pin electrics. As the most advanced socket type, the 13-pin electric socket does everything that the twin socket can do -- except it only uses one plug. It's also ideal for detachable tow bars with single socket plates, as it can be hidden behind the bumper.

Dedicated Kit vs Universal Kit

Another thing to consider when choosing wiring kits and modules for your towbar is deciding between a dedicated kit/integrated wiring kit or a universal kit.

A dedicated kit, as its name suggests, matches with a specific car to unlock multiple functionalities, such as:

  • Braking and engine electronics
  • Lane change assist
  • Suspension
  • Cruise control
  • Parking and reversing cameras; and
  • Engine cooling

Dedicated kits might also help protect your car's warranty. And in case of trailer lighting issues, many of these kits can issue warnings.

A universal kit, on the other hand, does all the basics that you will need out of your towbar electrics. So if you don't need anything extra or special, it will more than do the job.

However, if you will need features such as trailer stability control, a universal kit won't suffice.

Choosing the Best Caravan, Bike, or Standard Trailing Wiring and Modules for You

Whether you need a 7 or 13-pin socket, a dedicated or universal kit, a smart system or just a standard plug, we got you.

Let us know what you need and our team will help you navigate your options to find the most ideal kit and module for your car, towing requirements, and budget.

You can also drop by our Artarmon or Burwood location or give us a ring at 02 8999 8878.

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