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M-SKU: LR470

470mm Ladder Roller

$75.00 AUD $76.00 AUD
M-SKU: LR680

680mm Ladder Roller

$89.00 AUD $91.00 AUD

Ladder Hoop

$69.00 AUD $70.00 AUD

Complete Fitouts for Tradie Roof Racks & Work Needs

We know that for tradies, vehicles do more than just take you from place to place. Your vehicle is your main office, trade shop, factory, warehouse, and shed. This is why we make sure that when you need top-tier equipment and accessories to reinforce your tradie roof racks and do your job well, our catalogue is well-equipped to serve you.

Comprehensive Range of Quality Products and Accessories

At the Roof Rack and Towbar World, we pride ourselves on delivering a diverse array of the most essential products and accessories for tradies. These include everything you will require to complete or upgrade custom roof racks for clients, improve the functionality in your work vehicle, or just make your service better, faster, and safer.

Shop Our Catalogue for High-Quality:

Ladder Racks. A great accessory to add to complete a tradie roof rack, ladder racks make it easy to transport extension, step ladders, and other long and heavy equipment on various vehicles, such as wagons, utes, and vans. They also work well with several ladder roller lengths, and come with ladder hoops and straps. These racks can carry up to 42kg of weight and can withstand even extreme weather.

Ladder Rollers. Compatible with both CSL or multi-slide ladder rack systems, ladder rollers ensure the smooth rolling of objects onto roof platforms or roof rack crossbars. They also provide simple fitting with various systems for ease and convenience. As such, they help secure even long or heavy loads so that you can safely be on the road, or at the job!

Alloy Rollers. Even if you don't have a full ladder system, you can still have the luxury of getting your ladders on and off your roof cage racks with alloy rollers. Made by Rhino-Rack, these easily attach to your crossbars via roller bushes and brackets to carry loads of up to 42kg. Additionally, they're great for loading not only ladders but also wood, pipes, and others.

Van Shelving. For interior tradie work needs, we got you covered, too! We install basic to full van shelving packages for electricians, air conditioning workers, plumbers, and more that are equipped with various components, including heavy duty start frames, floor and low mount shelves, Rola-Case with lids, and vehicle-specific roof anchors.

Cargo Barriers. Tradies can carry loose ite,ms such as tools that can pose risks to drivers or passengers, as well as your vehicle, in case of sudden stops or collisions. Cargo barriers help lessen the potential for damage by secure loads and make sure they don’t fly off in case something untoward happens.

Canopies. If you need canopies, internal frames in canopies, or racking on top of canopies, we can also take care of that for you.

Conduit Carriers. Built to make it hassle-free to store and locate materials for your job, our conduit carriers are available in three-metre and four-metre lengths to suit different requirements and conditions. They mount to existing tradie roof racks and are made of corrosion-resistant materials to ensure they provide great value to your work life.

And to Complete Conduit Carriers, We also Carry:

Locking End Caps. These end caps from Rhino-Rack are designed to sit flush with conduit pipes and work with built-in steel locks to ensure optimal security for various pipe contents. They also come with a simple lift-and-twist operation, an O-ring seal to prevent dust and water buildup inside pipes, and a maximum carrying capacity of 15kg.

Conduit Clamps. Available in two-piece or three-piece sets, our conduit clamps are compatible with four-inch and six-inch conduit carriers to make it easy for you to fit them onto cross bars

Load-securing accessories. In addition, we have a whole collection of accessories designed to strap down your load and secure them, such as ratchet straps, eye bolts, tie-down straps, cable locks, and more.

Great Quality, Optimal Value for Money

While we offer various equipment and accessories for your work solutions, we stand by the standard and quality of every single one of our products. This is because we source our selection only from the most trusted brands such as Rhino-Rack, RolaCase, RakAVan, and Milford to make sure that they last long, can withstand harsh conditions, and work according to their superior engineering.

Professional Assistance, Top-Notch Guidance

We know you’re professionals, too -- so we make sure that if you require our assistance or guidance, we offer it to the best of our ability so that you can find value in what we do and apply it to your jobs.

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