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Yakima Hood Anchor

Our Hood Anchor creates a secure attachment point at your hatch, rear door or hood for bow and stern tie downs. Sold in pairs, they're highway-speed strong, coated to protect your vehicle's paint job, and super easy to use - just drop them in place.

$35.00 AUD

Kayak Bow and Stern Tie Downs

Make carrying your boat highway safe with these bow/stern tie downs. Forget about tying knots, these tie downs feature handy ratchet pulleys that are easy to use and are corrosion resistant. They're also great for securing non-nautical loads like ladders or lumber.

$79.00 AUD

Yakima Anchor Ties

Creates up to two mounting points for Bow/Stern tie-downs on vehicles without easy access mounting points.

$25.00 AUD

Yakima Boat Strap Kit

Includes two cam buckle straps, two bow/stern tie-down straps with plastic bumper guards, and two steel s-hooks.

$55.00 AUD

Yakima Heavy Duty Straps

Getting your gear onto your rack isn't complete until you've secured it. This pair of super strong box-stitched 4.9 m straps include soft, rubber-coated buckles to protect your boat and gear from scratches. Check out our RipCords for a more secure, locking solution.

$59.00 AUD

Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Watersports Carriers and Equipment in Australia

Australia is home to some of the best watersports venues in the world. From natural to man-made, there’s no shortage of amazing spots to check out and experiences to enjoy. 

If you’re all about that adrenaline rush, Roof Rack and Towbar World has all the watersports carriers and equipment that you need to make sure you can have fun whenever, wherever.

Our catalogue features kayak roof rack holders, surf ski racks, canoe racks, kayak loaders, and more that deliver:

Safety and Security

Kayaks, boards, camping gear, and other equipment are not easy to load on and off your car roof. More importantly, they present significant hazards for yourself, your family, and other people.

This is why we make sure that every piece of accessory that we carry is designed to provide optimal safety and security for your loads. With our products, you can focus on having your fun in the sun and worry less about protecting your equipment!

Material Quality and Ease of Use

We work with some of the most established names in the industry to bring you the best of material engineering for kayak loaders, surf pads, SUP racks, canoe racks, and kayak roof racks

Our products harness superior craftsmanship to make it easy and convenient to load equipment on and off your car roof -- whether you’re working with friends and family, or doing it all by yourself.

Lasting Value for Your Purchase

Make the most out of your money by investing in Roof Rack & Towbar World carriers and equipment. Leveraging the best technologies in the industry, our products are designed to accommodat a wide range of needs -- and even evolve with them. 

So you’re assured of having functional and efficient products that you can use for a long time. And you don’t just get lasting value, you also gift yourself a way to pursue your passion anytime, anywhere.

Kayak Racks

Kayak racks are accessories that you can add to the roof racks on your vehicle for secure kayak transport. And they are designed to make it convenient for you to transport your kayak so you can paddle away to pure bliss under the full glory of the sun.

Our selection of kayak racks assures you of:

● Easy loading and unloading: Unlimited portability, unbridled fun!

● Secure transportation of multiple kayaks: Optimise travel time and make it easy for everyone else to join       in on the adventure.

● Space-saving options: Leave the interior of your vehicle free and get the getaway started.

Choose among our range of saddles, J-cradles, and stackers. We also have fixed or folding carriers, rear and side-loading saddle options, tow ball-mounted products, as well as racks with load-assist and lift solutions.

Surfboard-SUP Racks

Surfboard racks and SUP racks are accessories designed to fit the roof racks of your car to allow hassle-free and secure transport of your boards, canoes, and other equipment. With our products, you can easily stay stoked through every season.

What do you get when you purchase one of our surfboard-SUP racks, you ask?

● A convenient way to travel with your surfboards or SUPs

● Safe and secure transport of your boards

● Options that fit your car, your budget, and your personal preferences

Looking for a top-of-the-line product?

Get the Thule SUP Taxi XT SUP Rack Black:

● Push-button lock system to easily and securely strap your boards to the rack

● Telescoping design to ensure a custom fit for various board widths

● Heavy-duty steel reinforced webbing and locking cam to securely hold boards in place

● Weather-resistant pads to protect boards from damage, even through harsh conditions

Surf Pads

Surf pads  are rack accessories that you strap down to your car’s roof racks or platforms to load and transport your surfboards, SUP boards, canoes, kayaks, and more.

With surf pads, you can honour that call in your soul that says "Surf!" anytime, get in your car, and live your best life.

Roof Rack & Towbar World's range of surf pads are:


● More cost-effective than a full racking system

● Designed with multiple features and accessories

● Built according to the highest industry standards

● Suited to your needs, whatever the budget

Choose from our collection of high-quality and performance-tested surf pads from different brands like Thule and Rhino-Rack to find the best one for you.

Load Assist

Kayak loaders or lift-assist carriers come with load-assistance features to help you easily get your kayak on and off your car roof. 

Working in tandem with your vehicle’s roof racks, they provide various benefits:

● They can fit various types of roof racks and vehicles.

● They are built to enable one-person operations, so you won’t need an extra pair of hands to load your            kayak on and off the top of your vehicle.

● They protect your kayaks from potential damage.

● They work for all sizes of kayaks and can handle up to 75 kg of weight.

● Many kayak loaders are easy to install.

Our range features various types:

Universal side loaders

● T-load hitch mount kayak loaders

● Kayak loaders with integrated rollers

Tilt-down kayak loaders

Choose according to your budget, frequency of use, type of materials preferred, vehicle type, load capacity, and compatibility with your car's roof rack.

Straps and Holders

Roof rack straps  are designed to keep your kayak, surfboard, camping gear, or other equipment safe and secure on top of your car’s roof rack.

And they are especially beneficial, as they: 

● Are safe and reliable

● Are easy to use

● Can be used in different ways

Our selection offers various types of straps that you can choose from, including:

● Anchor Straps

● Quick Loop Straps

● Ratchet Straps

● Cam Buckle Straps

● Locking Straps

● Heavy-duty Straps

Whatever you need, we got options that match what you need:

● Weight capacity

● Purpose

● Cost

● Compatibility

Best Brands, Best Quality 

At Roof Rack & Towbar World, we are committed to giving every person in Australia with access to the best watersports carriers and equipment. 

This is why we work with all the best brands from all over the world to give you a diverse catalogue that features worthy investments to improve your quality of life.

From our kayak loaders to accessories like straps and wraps, we take great care in offering high-quality, performance-tested products from Thule, Yakima, and Rhino-Rack

You can look forward to carriers and equipment that will not only help you get on the water anytime; they will also make it safe, easy, and downright enjoyable for you to do so.

The Roof Rack and Towbar World Difference

At the Roof Rack and Towbar World, we don’t just stock the best carriers, racks, and loaders for your watersports gear and other equipment, we also make sure that you get everything that you deserve -- and more! -- from the experience.

Excellent Guidance to Help You Choose

If you’re not quite sure which product to choose, our experienced team will offer great advice depending on your needs. If you don’t know much about our range of products, we’ll see to it that you have the right information to guide your decision-making, so that you can make the most out of your purchase.

Personalised Service From Start to Finish

We can also help you customise your racking systems -- whether you’re just building it, or you already have something that just needs upgrades or improvements. 

Just talk to us about what you need, your budget, and your preferences, and we’ll help you get set up so you’re always ready for adventure.

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