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Yakima Sup Dawg

A stand up paddleboard mount which can hold up to two SUP Boards up to 92 cm wide. The SupDawg is fully assembled out-of-the-box, features integrated rollers for easy loading and includes SKS locks.

$459.00 AUD

Your Comprehensive Guide to Buying Surfboard & SUP Racks

Life ebbs and flows in waves  -- and you should be ready to ride them when they come. Surfboard racks and SUP (standup paddle boarding) racks help you safely and conveniently strap your boards to your car roof racks so you can stay stoked through every season.

What Are Surfboard Racks or SUP Racks

Surfboard racks and SUP racks are accessories designed to fit the roof racks of your car to allow hassle-free and secure transport of your boards, canoes, and other equipment. 

Many of the racks you’ll find today are designed with metal bars or frames with rubber or foam pads to secure your boards and ensure they stay dent-free during travel.

As a more permanent (albeit removable) solution, they make it easy for you to load up and get on the road anytime you want. Once installed, you don't need to worry about them. And you don't need to contend with straps inside your car!

Hard racks are also durable, so you can make full use of your purchase for a long time. And they're made for long, bumpy rides -- so you have the freedom to take your board anywhere you want.

Their main disadvantage is that they're pricier compared to other types of transport options. Additionally, you need to invest time to find the best system that fits your car, as well as your needs and budget.]

Why You Need Surfboard Racks or SUP Racks

Whatever type of rack you’re eyeing, you can look forward to various benefits when you purchase one, like the following:

They Provide a Convenient Way to Travel with Your Surfboards or SUPs

Surfboards or SUP boards are not exactly easy to load inside your car, especially if you're travelling with a lot of people. With surfboard racks or SUP racks, you get a space-saving, convenient way to pursue your passion and have fun.

Additionally, they help you keep your car clean. Could you imagine going home from a beach trip with sand and saltwater dripping off your boards and onto your carpet? Racks take care of this issue for you.

They Ensure Safe and Secure Transport of Your Boards

A surfboard or SUP is no ordinary surf-craft, so it’s handy to have a safe and secure solution to transport it around. Racks protect your boards from potential damage, while also curbing safety risks for you, your companions, and other people on the road during transport.

They Help You Comply with Local Regulations

Lastly, it's illegal in certain areas to store boards inside a vehicle while travelling -- if they would present a safety hazard. Racks make sure you don't need to face possible hefty fines.

How to Choose Surfboard-SUP Racks

Choosing the best surfboard or SUP rack depends on what you need. Consider these factors:]

Your car. If you’re planning to get a hard rack, you want to make sure it’s suitable to the racks or crossbars that you have (or intend to have) on your car roof.

Your budget. Some racks come with higher price tags. Set a budget in mind and streamline your search process to include only the options that meet your requirements.

Your personal preferences. Finally, think about these questions:

● Do you want a more long-lasting or temporary way to transport your boards or other equipment?

● Are you okay with spending a couple more bucks for more value, or are you more comfortable with something more affordable?

● Are you travelling long distances, or are you sticking to only local adventures?

Product Feature: Thule SUP Taxi XT SUP Rack Black

As the most popular standup paddle board carrier, this surfboard rack or SUP rack from Thule combines the best of form and function to ensure security and convenience when you transport your boards or other equipment.

What Makes It A Worthwhile Buy

● Push-button lock system to easily and securely strap your boards to the rack

● Telescoping design to ensure a custom fit for various board widths

● Heavy-duty steel reinforced webbing and locking cam to securely hold boards in place

● Weather-resistant pads to protect boards from damage, even through harsh conditions

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